AC Compressor Won’t Start Very Frequent Reason

Welcome back to KungFuMaintenance! Got an AC not cooling. Not sure what’s going on yet. Doesn’t sound like the compressor is running. Going to go ahead and well go ahead and pull the disconnect and we’ll take a look here. Get into this puppy!

Fortunately I got the call in the morning so it’s a little cooler. Palm Springs which is good it’s going to get hot though supposed to get 100. We’ll see. Summer hasn’t started though. Rather have these things happen now than in the Blazing days of summer. It’s a Goodman unit has no hard start kit. My units seem to benefit from a hard start kit so probably add a hard start kit contact your looks in good shape wealth air conditioner holds a charge it’s probably a 40 / 5 but the capacitor holds a charge in it after the power is disconnected so going to bridge the leads between the common and the Herm and going to be checking the capacitor so going to bridge the other leads as well just for safety between common and the fan the fan technically cancels out the charge which you’ll hear me say a lot and a lot of the other videos here we go Herm goes by itself on the other deal and this one should be a 40/5 all rotated around I need to add a QWERTY feature to my phone it’s got a QWERTY feature that you can scan and get information on the capacitor about the capacitor but I’d like to set them this way so that we can see in theory what it is yep 40/5 okay so I’m going to write it inside and leave it right about there and I’m going to test it before I get much further because probably going to be replacing this puppy I got my meter and we’ll be testing you out and discharging a capacitor just like that I’ll probably be checking a few other units while I’m up here just to get ahead of the summer so I like this Fieldpiece meter one of my favorites you can find the link for it in the description below but this one test microfarads which is critical for AC work so we’re going to go now that I rotated lost what is what here here’s Herm fan and common okay so common and her miss here and we’re looking for 40 but it doesn’t matter which side goes to which side red or black and here we’ve got one point for her no wonder that compressor wasn’t running I’m going to reset that got a hold button on the side but we just want our straight reading look at that 1.48 we got a bad cap here 1.47 on the common to the fan no I was in the wrong deal 4.82 so the fans good but the capacitor is bad so I got our 40/5 and going to change that out and hopefully I have a hard start kit as well my units just seem to benefit from hard start kit so here’s my 40 / 5 and you know I find it eases the starting for the torque on the starting of the compressor my unit survive longer with a hard start kit so as you can see this one went out and it’s a fairly new unit so got a different capacitor here so need to reposition the screw so just need to figure out what’s going to work best for me looks like that one right there in theory and that will leave us room to hang on start hard start kit as well and this one will be able to see it just like that so that’s good and it’s labeled on the top Herm common fan so mine the Herm is the yellow one by itself that’s for Goodman units and then the fan is the brown one by itself and then the common is the purple and red and then a hard start kit will go one side one to common one to Herm fun fun fun I was up here just the other day and felt the suction line and everything was nice and cold so today I was like hey what’s going on it’s probably their capacitor here it’s very common deal and that side goes on the common in this side I’ll go to her I usually put the one with extra little bag on the common and hang our hard start right there and that’s just perfect and I also like well I’ll shoot I don’t have my Sharpie I usually like to write the 40 / 5 somewhere in there but not last very well but I did rotate the capacitor and that’ll make it easier for the next guy to see what it should be now we’re ready to fire it up and see if it runs and I might just take an amp draw reading

Okay so I just wanted to position things here for an amp draw real quick and we’ll grab the black wire here leads to the compressor and I’ll put it on amps AC and we’ll just take a peek at what we’re at okay here we go make sure we start first yay started right up ant draw 7.28 we’re looking good there okay yep rla is 13.5 we’re looking good right so just going to get off this roof get it done check a few other AC’s while I’m up here just get ahead of the summer and make sure things are going good and we’re all set thanks for watching Kung Fu Maintenance just check the suction line here everything is nice and chilly we’re good to go and that hard start kit It’ll help keep everything alive longer good to go hope you liked it