2 responses to “KFM Reasonings to Choose Dupont ISCEON R-438A Over R-410A”

  1. Will Foster

    We’re ready in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, to change out our R-22 PC Air equipment to R-438. The specs look nominal enough that the capacities of our machines should continue to cool our largest aircraft. But I have an issue with R-410, can we change it over to R-438?

    Converting a 410 system to 438 it appears a non-issue with the existing poe oil. What issues would you expect with capacity through both the condenser and evaporators? This is a high ambient application where 110 to 115 temps seem to cause 410 to hit the wall. Ideally I like to see 438 as a drop in replacement but my concerns are the fixed orifice at the evaporator. Also since the condenser is running at the higher coil temp does a R410 condenser have enough area for R 438? I think the R-410 discharge temperature is somewhat higher giving a greater delta T entering air vs entering vapor off the head.

    You may be wondering why change a 410 system over to 438. Our R-22 systems run at 400 PSIG when ramp temperatures get over 110 degrees. R-410 shuts down at those temps.

    Have you any experience with this retrofit?

  2. jeff Rutledge

    have found so far that mo99 is the cheapest alternative to replacing r22, 410a runs higher pressure so you need new gauges, it is hard on recovery units and have also found hard on compressors, think 410a was just a rush job to change refrigerants, would have been nice to go to mo 99 if it had been invented first but then the manufacturing companies couldnt make a ton of money off the new equipment necessary for r410a:(, I really feel that with a little time mo 99 should become a standad refrigerant for products formery sing r-22!

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