How To Fix Or Secure Loose Electric Range Hard Wired Surface Burner Elements

00:16 okay today I’m going to be showing you how to secure
00:21 a loose surface range element
00:23 a loose surface range element right here what it should have is a set screw
00:27 underneath
00:30 as you can see this one is just floating around freely
00:31 and that’s not good.
00:33 this ones missing the screw I was able to find
00:36 another one that I had salvaged from another unit
00:40 anyway, this one just screws in here
00:45 in the little screw port here
00:46 and once you get the screw started,
00:49 you can see the two teeth there
00:51 just get anchored up and underneath
00:57 right here
00:58 and than tightened down
01:03 like so
01:05 you can also use a nut driver but this is where a six in one comes in real handy so you can
01:10 get in there
01:11 and tighten it down. The next trick with
01:15 these is to make sure that the range pan
01:18 goes below.
01:21 You can see here the ring goes on top
01:23 and the pan goes below.
01:26 Sometimes these are a little tricky to set
01:28 doesn’t want to sit down so I was able to set that one down a little bit better.
01:33 Slip the pan underneath first, and than the ring on top.
01:41 Like so.
01:42 And we’re all set there.
01:47 Again that can look a little bit better.
01:49 Let me
01:52 lower this down
01:54 just a tiny bit.
01:57 Sometimes you will have one of these that is a little bit stubborn to get it to seat nice and flush.
02:11 There we go now that is nice and flush.
02:13 Good to go anyway that is how to secure a loose
02:16 range element. Now this will still move around a little bit
02:20 which is ok, but at least it is anchored in there.
02:23 and behaving the way that it should.
02:25 Ready to go.

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