The KFM Blog

The KFM Blog

Welcome to The KFM (Kung Fu Maintenance) Blog! A place for you and friends to add knowledge and understanding of how things work. How to maintain plus how to repair. The site is set up for a nice quiet read. The videos can be played out loud or muted for added detail. Along the right side you will see a listing of all articles written with new articles being added regularly.

The articles and videos are composed to help you learn and understand some of the best ways and the different factors involved in repairing appliances, washers, dryers, swimming pools, spas, tools, air conditioners, electronic entry gates, household items, cell phones, computers, and much more. Everything to do with maintenance. To make repairing things fun and make life more enjoyable. The KFM Blog is out to help with understanding the different aspects of needed repairs to save you money if you do need to hire someone else.

This site has special advantage for those learning or wanting to improve their english as the articles can be easily translated by clicking on the appropriate language selection on the right side menu. There you will find two different translation services. Use which ever one produces better results for you. This site you might share with those you know who are wanting to better themselves in the maintenance field (Air Conditioning, Swimming Pool Service, Hospitality, Hotel Industry, Building Maintenance, Housing, Janitorial, etc…) by improving english understanding, speaking, and skills at the same time. This is also useful for those in foreign countries who attend to english speaking customers who want to improve their level of service through better understanding. The site can also be useful in reverse for maintenance techs who want to service in foreign countries as they can translate articles into the language they are trying to learn.

Thank You for visiting, reading, and watching. I hope you get a lot out of The KFM Blog,
Kung Fu Maintenance

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