Vanity Faucets Five Most Often Trouble Points Video

00:13 Alright, on this day I want to show you the five most often trouble points with bathroom vanity faucets like the
00:18 one visible here
00:20 The first often occuring problem is a leak from the handle. Now if you have a water leak
00:25 at the top of the handle
00:27 I am going to remove this just to show you.
00:30 taking this apart with a flat blade knife first and than pull the screw out
00:34 just to speed things up. If it is leaking from the handle it’s usually an O ring
00:39 inside the top of the cartridge here
00:43 That is the first problem.
00:44 The second problem is if you have a drip from the tap. If there is a leak from the spout it is
00:48 often the bibb washer below here.
00:51 and that bibb washer needs to be replaced.
00:54 Now one good improvement you can di si change it to
00:57 a ceramic disc cartridge
00:58 which this one has been done. Changed to a ceramic disc cartridge.
01:04 It is a bit better in that it does not have the same squeezing affect as a bibb washer.
01:08 So anyway the most usual source of
01:10 a dripping spout is from the bibb washer.
01:15 The number three most often source of trouble with
01:17 bathroom faucets is pressure loss or heating up to slow
01:22 and the usual cause is a clogged aerator. Now it doesn’t always look like it, you
01:28 can’t always see the pressure loss
01:30 but often that is the culprit.
01:33 Number one item to check when it is
01:35 taking a long time to heat
01:37 or
01:38 you are seeing low flow at the spout
01:40 is to replace the aerator.
01:43 Number four most often trouble with
01:46 bathroom faucets is water leaking at the supply line
01:49 so looking below here
01:52 you should look it at all your
01:55 plumbing unions and feel for water leaks
01:58 at every
02:00 connection joint in
02:01 order to verify that your supply line is not leaking.
02:05 And the number five most often source of trouble spots
02:08 for the bathroom faucet is the isolation valve itself
02:11 so you want to check in between
02:15 inbetween there at every union
02:19 you can see there is a nut here that secures down here if needed this can be tightened
02:23 you want to use two channel locks
02:25 if you get a water leak there. And that is the five most often trouble points with bathroom vanity faucets.

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