5 Most Often Trouble Points On Vertical Blinds

00:08 Alright on this day, I will be describing the
00:09 five most often sources of trouble concerning vertical blinds
00:13 the first most often problem
00:16 is just a blind vane being out of turn
00:19 something this easy is
00:21 where it will bind up
00:22 and the blinds are not going to rotate and open up so number one thing is your going to want to
00:27 examine and check
00:29 that all the slats are lined up and
00:32 that is the first most often trouble.
00:35 Another very often source of trouble is a
00:38 broken blind vane itself
00:39 sometimes they will snap in this spot
00:42 and
00:43 one sollution is to turn your louver around
00:46 and use a hole punch and pop some different holes
00:48 and than reset it. If you want to you can cut it off straight or you can order
00:52 replacement vanes and cut them to size. I have a video on
00:57 those procedures, video on that operation and I will attempt to put the link on this video so you can link over to it.
01:02 The Third most commonly needed repair
01:05 is a stripped master control now as
shown if one of the slats was binding up or the vanes
01:09 were hanging up
01:10 and someone continued to try to force it
01:14 it can strip the master control
01:16 And there are a couple of versions of
master controls this one is a
01:19 self aligning master control
01:21 it hooks up to the first carrier
01:25 this one you can remove these screws
and link it to the first carrier
01:30 I have a video on that also so I will try to put the link on this video.
01:35 Fourth most often type of needed repair
01:36 is where you have an individual blind that isn’t rotating
01:39 all the others are rotate just correctly
01:42 and that one particular
01:43 slat isn’t rotating
01:46 what is needed is either the
01:48 head the uh… the stem gear here
01:50 has some broken gear teeth on it
01:52 or the comb gear
01:55 has snapped
01:56 these can be replaced.
01:58 I also have a video covering that
02:00 I’ll put the link on this video for the stem
02:03 and comb gear repair.
02:05 And the number five most often source of trouble with
02:07 vertical blinds
02:08 is that the blinds are difficult to open. Now, this one is not to bad, it glides fairly easy, but if you had a set that was difficult to open
02:18 what you should do is lubricate it with silicone spray.
02:20 Spray it on the whole length inside the headrail and gear.
02:24 Now it is not the best smelling chemical mix in the world but it really works well to lubricate the blinds
02:29 because silicone lube dries
02:32 and it still maintains its lubrication aspects
02:35 and because it dries it will not gather as much dust dirt and debris
02:39 and than get stuck. So after you spray it on proceed to work the blinds in
02:47 and you are all set.
02:49 There you have it. The five most often trouble points with vertical blinds.
02:52 There are other trouble points.
02:53 I hope to add them on in the future however
02:56 that is the five most often.

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