5 Most Often Troubles With Fridges

00:13 So, now I will be talking to you about the 5 most often troubles with
00:17 fridges.
00:18 First is a stuck freezer fan. When you open your fridge and it is running the sound you hear should be like you are hearing now, the fan motor blowing, sometimes what happens is the fan blades get lodged against the side or the fan blade settles so far back that it rubs against the motor and than the blades get stuck and won’t turn
00:42 Number two most often troubles with fridges is water leaking from the roof
00:47 now if it is just tiny drops it can be caused by food put in that is still hot like
00:51 boiling or items that had boiled
00:54 and than placed in the refrigerator uncovered, the way to eliminate that is
00:58 to keep a cover on the food
01:00 but if you see heavy drips
01:02 from the inner portion here
01:04 then it might prove
01:06 that you have a plugged condensate drain line
01:09 which is a very often trouble with fridges
01:11 Number three most often trouble with fridges is the compressor not
01:15 turning on.
01:15 If you listen
01:17 at the rear here you can kind of hear the run of
the compressor. So if you don’t hear that
01:20 noise
01:22 that low humming noise
01:24 that is different from the fan running than
01:28 your starter might need to be changed out on the compressor.
01:31 The number four most often trouble with fridges is torn gaskets how
01:35 you stop that from occuring is to wash the seals here often
01:39 and to wash
01:40 the refrigerator surface here regularly
01:43 where it makes because what happens is sticky foods get stuck in there and than
01:47 pulling apart from the seal
01:49 eventually can rip the gasket or wear out the seals so that’s how to
01:54 kind of stop it. Every
01:55 door manufacturer is not the same
01:57 so you may have to look up your instructions on how to change out your seals
02:01 some will have screws along the inner part here
02:05 of the seal in order to replace it
02:07 different ones will have a press in place channel that the seal
02:11 gets pushed into
02:12 others the whole door portion will pull in half so that you can
02:16 change the seal so every kind
02:18 is a little bit different.
02:20 And the number five most often trouble with fridges is being out of balance
02:24 ideally when you release an open fridge door
02:28 you want it to self close
02:30 smooth and easy
02:31 and close completely.
02:33 You want the fridge to angle towards the back slightly so that condensate
02:36 drains and remains along the rear of the fridge and drops down into the pan
02:41 that is on the back at the top of the compressor
02:44 most often but regardless you want your fridge to aim towards the back just a little
02:48 if your fridge is wobbling
02:50 there is most often an adjustment screw here
02:52 or some refrigerators have a wheel that is rotated here
02:55 this ones got a wheel that is rotated
02:57 as you can see one on either side
02:59 and these can be positioned
03:02 just by lifting up slightly
03:03 on the refrigerator and than rotating this either with your hand
03:05 or with channel locks. So that is the five most often troubles with fridges.

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