AC Baffle Ate My Garbage Disposer Tool Video

Kung Fu Maintenance air conditioner pan handle garbage disposer fan AC baffle tool thief maintenance video.

AC Baffle Ate My Garbage Disposer Tool

Up on the roof doing a little preventative maintenance here noticed a fan baffle was missing a screw. Don’t want that. The fan baffle will fall into the unit. Than we’ll have a real mess on our hands. So I located another screw and going to use my garbage disposer tool to lift it up. Lift up the fan baffle and reset the screw. There we go. Oops. I lost my garbage disposal tool. But. No big deal I have got plenty of those. If I ever need to take this lid off. I will recover that. At least now the fan baffle is not going to fall in there. Hit the fan. Give us a no cool call for an AC not working. Good to go.

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