Angle Mounted Vertical Blinds Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows angle mounted vertical blinds search for better triangle window coverings any good ideas ?

Well here is kind of a different option for these vertical blinds. You might of seen in my pendant light video where I had some vertical blinds that went straight across these triangle windows and this is a different option that could be either outside mounted like this one or inside mounted.

Angle Mounted Vertical Blinds

The main draw back on this one is you’re not able to slide the blinds. This only allows you, these are self aligning so I might need to align these, but this only allows you to rotate the blinds. You can’t slide them open for light. So I am actually going to be taking these out. Just curious if you guys have seen any other solutions for something like this for these triangle blinds. This has these special anchors on it. Just give you a closer look. These anchors basically allow the blinds to hang in a different way but not really my favorite design here. So I am going to be taking these out. No big deal. But just wanted to show you another option for vertical blinds.

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