Bad Contactor HVAC Air Conditioner Video

Kung Fu Maintenance bit of detective works diagnosis an air conditioner not cooling examines the evidence shows the proof of a bad contactor. Case closed.

Bad Contactor HVAC Air Conditioner

OK. On this one what it turned out to be was a stuck contactor. Had twenty four volts on the side. Which it does right now. You can see the contactor’s sucked in and I’ll also show you on my volt meter here. Anytime you have an intermittent working air conditioner it is a good idea to suspect the contactor. Especially if you look at it.

You see I got 27 volts there. 24 volts but you know if the points are burned or anything going on there. Now I do have the 24 volts going to the side. So what I have is my insulated tool. I am only going to be touching the insulated portion to pull the lead off and you’ll see the contactor suck back out. If I touch it again it should draw it in and it didn’t but sometimes the thermostat has a five minute delay also. But anyway this contactor is intermittently sucking in. Only sometimes sucking in.

So let’s see if I touch it again and let me measure if we still have 24 volts. So going from one lead to the other and we still have the voltage but the contactor’s not sucking in. So that’s telling me the contactor is bad. So see I’ll even put it back on here. See how it should suck it in and it’s not sucking it in. Now see if I push it in manually. You can hear it. So we’re getting power but contactor is bad. So again just going to pull this and this is 24 volts. Just going to kind of position this one out of my way as well as pull off the other one to get ready for our new contactor. That’s the only portion that is going to have voltage. Since I’ve got the disconnect pulled and definitely discharge our capacitor. Just to make sure we have no power going through the system.

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