Bad Odors Source In Vacant Units

Kung Fu Maintenance shows source of bad mystery stinks smells in vacant empty buildings houses construction apartments models etc.

Bad Odors Source In Vacant Units

This is one to show share or send to anyone who has property or units that sit empty for long periods of time.

OK. I got a model unit that stays empty for long long periods of time and every once in awhile we get this bad funky smell and it dawned on me what the smell was. It’s the traps. What happens is the unit stays empty for so long that eventually the water that goes into the trap. The p trap. I’ll show you here. Shaped like so. It leaves water in the reservoir and it blocks sewer gasses from coming back into the dwelling. Because this unit stays empty for so long the traps go dry and the smell comes back. That’s the story there.

Now this one hasn’t been on for a long time and this particular trap for the shower is actually shared by the toilet. So you listen here while I flush the toilet and what you are going to hear is the water from the toilet fill into the trap. Yep. That’s how dry the trap was. OK the toilet won’t actually fill the water in the showers trap as the toilet drains water into the larger plumbing stack and drains on down. The shower drains into the same plumbing stack. You could hear it loud and clear through the drain especially as there was no water in the trap to block the sound or the gasses. So that’s what is telling me what we got to do is fill that puppy up with water. So I am going to go ahead and use fresh water from the shower.

Anyway I will do this to the shower deal here as well as the tub in the other room. Everywhere else the water gets ran once in awhile the sinks. Because no one is using this unit the shower sits and runs dry and than we get a bad funky smell. And that’s the story there. Again this is one to show share or send to anyone who has property or units that sit empty or not in use for long periods of time as many people may actually be getting sick from this unawares. It didn’t dawn on me how big this problem actually might be when I was recording the video but on further reflection I realize there are so many situations where this may be happening in construction models for new construction apartments hotels office buildings stores wherehouses. You know any of these places this can be happening in where water isn’t being used regularly. Again the water in the trap may evaporate and you have a situation where the sewer gasses are going into the place and people are breathing that stuff in.

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