Best Choice Range Hood Light Video


Kung Fu Maintenance shows remodeling details choosing best range hood light renovation video two.

Best Choice Range Hood Light

OK. Putting a light in this range hood. For this particular range hood because it has got this plastic cover here it is actually a best to use a fluorescent light like this. The fluorescent light is a lot cooler temperature and if you use an incandescent bulb in this spot. Over time it is going to heat up and it is just going to turn this light cover yellow. We don’t want that so using a fluorescent bulb like so is the best way to go to keep that from happening. Of course we need to plug it in for our light to work properly. There we go. Anyway that gives a nice amount of light. This one is a 4100 k light. The 4100k is more white in color and the 2700k more yellow. So the color temperature is nice and bright but the bulb won’t get so hot. Anyway this way it is going to keep that cover from yellowing. Good to go.

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