Better Looking Phone Line Cable Or Satellite Carpet Run Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows a better looking way to run cable tv satellite or telephone wiring for best finish in carpeted rooms.

And when I patch the holes I’ll do my trick that I showed you in my other video how you mix the spackling with a little bit of paint. Than you don’t even have to worry about touch up painting. I may need to touch up down here on the baseboard a bit anyway but that’s another story.

Better Looking Phone Line Cable Or Satellite Carpet Run

So for the cabling along the baseboard we can just pull it right out and let me show you another thing. How they could have done this wiring. It would have made it look a lot better. Let me set this up so I can show you. Instead of running this along and stapling it along the base board what they could have done is just lifted the carpet up right here. And this is how I like to do it. It looks really professional and you can’t even tell it’s there but anyway. You lift the carpet up right here and behind here there is a channel. You see right behind the baseboard.

So what you can do is just take your cable and tuck it into that base board. Than you will be able to put your carpet right back down and no one will ever know it’s there. It works perfect even going around the corners. You can see there is enough room here to run the cabling pretty much to anywhere that you need to go and than you don’t have to worry about it showing. It looks really professional. It looks really nice. Much better than being stapled above ground. So anyway I am just going to be getting rid of this above ground stuff. Above the carpet.

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