Bottom Dishwasher Trim Access Panel Reset Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to reset a bottom door trim and access panel on a dishwasher.

Dishwasher Bottom Access Panel Reset

OK. When you go to reset the bottom trim pieces on these dishwashers panels the bottom piece goes in first. You can see where the screw holes are here and here. Than your top piece. This one has like these retainer plastic screws that hold the top piece and you can anchor the top first. Like so. Which you can’t even see. Sorry ’bout that. Right here. OK and than on the other side. Same thing. OK and than on the bottom portion you just have to line it up so that the screw passes through the top part and the bottom part. Like so. Very easy. I got some house cleaners coming. Clean this stuff all up. Clean this place up a bit. Man. It’s pretty dirty. There we go and that’s how you reset the bottom trim pieces.

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