Breaker Breakers Range Plus Air Conditioner Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows why it is a good idea to turn off both range plus air conditioner thirty amp breakers before stove work.

Breaker Breakers Stove Plus Air Conditioner

OK. Oftentimes when you go to work on a stove sometimes these get labeled wrong because there both two thirty amp breakers. A lot of times it’s a good idea to just turn both of these off. Than you know the stove is off for sure. Anyway these are mislabeled. Range air conditioner air conditioner range. It’s not always clear. Turning them both off is a safeway to go. Also you can just test it at the unit with a circuit alert device but that’s another way. But these are not very clear. I am going to try to make that clearer now. I just reset this one which was the range and the timer started buzzing so I know for sure that this one is actually the range. So I am gonna take my sharpie and scribble out the air conditioner one. So for sure we know that it’s the range. And on this one we know for sure that it’s the air conditioner. So I am going to scribble out the range. Anyway I just wanted to make it clear that those are not always so very clear. Good to go.

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