Cabinet and Countertop Makeover Contest

Have you heard of the new countertop and cabinet refinishing products from rustoleum? I would whistle but I don’t know how to translate it into words you could read. They look great in the photos. I am curious how they will last. I must say rustoleum products have exceeded my expectations in the past.

Rustoleum has held a good reputation for a long time. I don’t think they would gamble with it for the bit of change they will make in extra countertop and cabinet painting products.

I have yet to see any countertop refinishing products hold up very well. I am all for something like this that is easily found so that touch ups are possible for us maintainers.

They have specially engineered paints for countertops and for cabinets. I have been searching sometime for these types of products. I must say I will step back and wait and watch for how this holds up but it looks so good. It would be fun to try it.
Well they are having a contest for what you can accomplish to upgrade a kitchen. I have put the link below so that you can check it out. The grand prize is a $5000 gift card.



If you try the products, Please let me know how they work and hold up for you. Make some noise. Holler at me now, and, or, later, one, five, ten, twenty, or more years from now. Shout at me about the first scratch, crack, or burn mark. I just want to hear all about it in the comment reply section below.

Contest terms can be found here.

Looks like you will have to rush a bit as the contest ends at 11:59 pm ET on 9/30/2011
That leaves you a bit less than two months from the time of this article to make it happen. Happy painting! I So Hope Your the Winner! Even more, I hope you really like your new kitchen cabinets and countertop makeover! (or bathroom if you don’t care about the contest!) Give me a holler if you do! Give me some grumblings if you don’t!

Glad you’re out there,

Just like me,

Kung Fu Maintenance

P.S. I also want to hear from you about this product long after the contest is over so make some noise even if this article finds you far off in the future.

Don’t forget to Hollerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And if you can, G+ me 2! Thank You, for being You!

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