Cabinet Door Hits DIY Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows cabinet door hits DIY repair video.

Got a cabinet door hitting when you go to close it here. We don’t want that. Couple different ways to adjust it.

You want to look at your bottom pivot, well the whole pivot of the door to make sure things are lining up and you can tell this one the top is hitting first.

Take a look at the hinges here. It looks like we are missing a screw on the bottom there. So that is one thing. I will at least tighten up the top one for now. See how that adjusts things up. That seemed to actually do it. You can also take that bottom. See how loose that is. Little set screw right there. Pull that out a little bit. Tighten it down. Again test it. Oh and now we are not closing at all. That’s odd. So I will just pull that even more. Take a look. And there we go. OK and it looks like our pivot is still a little bit off. The gap down here is wider. So we can adjust the pivot right there. This is the pivot screw. It is going to bring the door that way a little bit. And just by messing with it. Get this puppy just right. There we go. That looks pretty good. Alright. Good to go.

This I can just follow up with getting another screw and setting that in and make it perfect. Well not perfect, but, just a little bit better.

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