Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector Alarm Combo Change Video

Kung Fu Maintenance discusses the steps on changing a traditional smoke alarm with a Carbon Monoxide Smoke Alarm Combo. Buy The Kung Fu Maintenance E Book Here

Perhaps you heard about the new law where you need to install a carbon monoxide detector if you have any kind of a fossil fuel burning appliance. So that is what I am doing today.

Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector Alarm Combo

The particular unit I am working in has no power. So I am just going to be changing out the trim plate and installing the unit but not hooking up the battery. This is a carbon monoxide detector that is hardwired with a battery back up. Try to get you a good view there. What you do is just loosen up. There is two screws that hold this in. Now if your unit had power to it what you’re going to want to do is turn off the breaker and than prove that power is out with a circuit alert device.

These particular smoke detectors are interconnected so that is what this yellow wire is for when you are interconnecting smoke detectors so when one smoke detector goes off all your smoke detectors go off. This is your hot wire. This is your neutral wire. So black is hot. White is neutral. And than this is your secondary you know interconnecting. What I have here is our new pig tail here. You can see how the red one is capped off and that is for an application that if you had a unit that didn’t have other smoke detectors hooked up. This one does so we’re gonna pull this cap off. We can hook up the wire there to the secondary. So start here. Hook up the wires here. You can wrap these a little bit or just stick them together. Just make sure that you can tug on your wire a little bit and make sure that’s solid. Disconnect our neutral.

You don’t want to do these live. You always want to turn off your breaker. This particular unit has no power to it so. There’s our neutral and now our hot. Here’s our hot. Again I am going to tug on these wires a little bit and make sure that that’s in there nice and secure. Than the good electrician is known by how they fold the wires. It’s allot about folding the wires so you’ll be able to insert them. You can see the old trim plate. You would have had to pass the wiring through first.

Fortunately the new trim plate has a much larger diameter hole. So we are able to pass this right through and than this has several different sized slots for us to be able to work with to install this so it is nice and secure. Covers our old holes so we can go ahead and tighten these down. Rotate this a little bit so it goes right. There it is right there. We are going to want this to go ahead and seat nice and good right here. So there we go.

Here is our new smoke detector. Now you can see you can pull this out to activate the battery but because this unit is not. The power is not on. I don’t want it to kill the battery and the battery start chirping so I am just going to hook it up here and leave the battery pull strip in place. So once the power is turned back on than we can pull that. This just turns into place. Some of these are counterclockwise and some of them are clockwise. This one is clockwise install. So anyway I am going to go ahead and reinsert this and that way it’s ready after everything is all finished. Good to go there.


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