Carpet Stain Remove

Today on Kung Fu Maintenance it’s a bad one! Going to take you from this to this!

Show you a nice easy trick.

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All right here’s a stain. It’s a bad one. We’ll see which if anything if this will get it. So that did not get it but here’s the trick. Peroxide. Of course you want to test this in an inconspicuous area such as somewhere around the corner in the closet or something for color fastness. You don’t want to use this if it’s going to bleach everything out but for this situation this was the best thing to get the stain out which was an impossible stain. But it really didn’t take much just leaving the peroxide on for a while, letting its do it thing, and basically discolor the stain and then take the color out of the stain and then I was able to extract it with a carpet cleaning machine. But you can do the same thing with a wet-dry vacuum and some hot water but the peroxide was the key. Again you’re going to want to contest’s it in an inconspicuous area around the corner in the closet somewhere out of sight completely out of sight make sure it doesn’t bleach out the carpet or take away its colorfastness but that was the trick to get rid of Mission Impossible carpet stains. Berry bad pun intended. I like puns and I like nice clean carpet and things to work right. Yep, it’s a simple trick but what a difference! Took it right out just a cheap peroxide from Walmart or the dollar store works good.

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Yesterday had a major powder outage which was a catalyst to a bunch of earthquake preparedness videos. I also received a call to evacuate due to a nearby fire but it was far away and there was no need to evacuate so that was well it made for a strange day yesterday and that’s why I didn’t get a video up yesterday but that’s okay. Turned into a bunch more videos for you. Yeah!