Ceiling Fan Lights Blank Out Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows a quirky problem with some fixtures of a ceiling fan light malfunction where the lighting turns off after one second than won’t work. What to look for and how to fix it.

Ceiling Fan Lights Blank Out

OK. Something I wanted show you about this particular fan. This has a maximum voltage. What happens is. There we go. See we’ve got three ceiling fan lights in and if I add another sixty watt bulb than it’ll just blank out. It’ll turn on for a minute and than the deal will blank out and than it won’t turn back on. See how it blanked out there. When I try to turn it back on it won’t turn back on.

What it is is this particular fixture needs to have four forty watt bulbs otherwise it’ll blank out. I can pull that bulb back out and than turn the switch off and now the light will light back up. But if I try to put that other bulb in there it’s going to go out again. So only forty watt bulbs for this puppy.

So what I did was went and got some forty watt bulbs instead of these sixty watt bulbs. Got the light turned on so you can see as I screw these in. When the wattage was too high it would just kick out the lights. There we go. And the final one. And now we’re staying on no problem so.

If you run into that when you replace your ceiling fan lights and all of a sudden every time you turn on your lights they click off after a second it may be a voltage protection deal to not over not to go over the wattage. Anyway this one takes all forty watt bulbs. Keeps the ceiling fan good to go.

Ceiling Fan Lights

Ceiling Fan Lights

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