Chain Repairs Type Two Vertical Blinds Video


Kung Fu Maintenance Series continues ~ this time KFM shows how to replace a blind chain on a small set of vertical blinds that has two screws passing through the top of the end cap.

Chain Repairs For Type Two Vertical Blinds

Here’s how to replace the chain on a different type of vertical blinds. It’s got two set screws that hold the end bracket on. So you just undo those screws with a Philips screwdriver. Pull these out. Pull out the end bracket and than you can replace the chain.

This little sprocket here you wrap your chain around and just insert it back in. So you got this little sprocket here and you can just wrap your chain around that. Reset your end bracket and secure it with the two screws. These just go in like so. And we are all set there.

Check for rotation. Everything’s good there and we’re all set. Good to go.

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