Checking Air Conditioner Charge Without Gauges Video

How to check for proper A.C. charge with low tech thermometers by checking for a fifteen to twenty degree split between an in going and an outgoing register.

Checking Air Conditioner Charge Without Gauges

Checking AC what you are looking for is a fifteen to twenty degree split. So what you want is that fifteen to twenty degree split over a time span of twenty minutes. So you can see here it is 1:28 right now. So at 1:48 will be checking back and make sure we got our 15 to 20 degree split. Right here it’s at 60 degrees at an outgoing register and than come over here we’ll look at our intake register. Obviously I can use a new filter here but you can see it is about eighty degrees here.

So we can check this again in about 20 minutes and verify that we are holding that 15 to 20 degree split in the temperature difference from the intake register to our outtake register. These are just low tech thermometers here. Checking it in twenty minutes. It’s probably also helpful to see the temperature. We have got this set to 78 degrees. Here is our set temperature here. There is the temperature in the unit is eighty four degrees. So we can see the temperature difference over time here. This is saying it is 1:32 right now. Actually it is exactly right. My pager is saying the same thing here. You can see it there 1:32 alright. So give it about twenty minutes.

It’s been a little over the time. It’s been actually about thirty five thirty six minutes. Anyway I am still showing eighty here going in at the intake. At the thermostat the temperature has dropped to eighty from eighty four. I got cathedral ceilings here so there is a bit of space to cool down so it’s kind of understandable. As you can see this is a little bit under sixty so we are good here.

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