Coil Cleaning Outdoor Air Conditioners Video


Kung Fu Maintenance and a friend show how to clean outside air conditioner condensor coils real time maintenance video.

To make the procedure safer you can pull the disconnect and discharge the capacitor first.

Coil Cleaning Outdoor Air Conditioners

Alright so going to clean the unit. Cleaning the coils. Doing an annual maintenance get ready. Spraying it down with some coil cleaner. This is an enviro coil cleaner. Pretty nice in that you just need to rinse it off. When you are doing inside units you don’t even have to rinse it off. The condensate mixes with the chemical. Works to clean it off. But with this stuff we’ll spray it on. Let it sit for two to five minutes and clean it all off. Get the coils nice and clean. This one has actually been cleaned a tiny bit already.

Rather hit these early. Hit them before they hit us. He’s got a hose and a spray nozzle. It’s just kind of top down. Getting it done. You can kind of see the water just go straight through the coils. All the dirty water coming out the bottom. One important part is cleaning off the base once it’s all finished. It just gets rid of all that stuff so it doesn’t get sucked back up into the unit when the units running. We had some pretty heavy fires and smoke in the area last year. Kind of right after we had cleaned the coils. Which was unfortunate but it’s just the way life goes. Things change. Things happen. But anyway a lot of the ash got dragged into the units. So just cleaning that all off so we have a good year. Than just clearing the bottom pan real good.

That’s the story on that. Makes for a much better year. That way we’re not up here when it hits one hundred and twenty seven degrees. Not on all the units. Maybe one here and there but that’s about it. Good to go. Nice and clean.

To make the procedure safer you can pull the disconnect and discharge the capacitor first. So tracing the conduit down. It’s coming to right here. There we go. See what’s going on here. Just going to go ahead and discharge the capacitor. Bridging the leads holding only the insulated portion of my screwdriver there.

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