Comb Gear Vertical Blinds Spinning Freely Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to repair vertical blinds when one or more slats are not turning at all by checking the stem and replacing the comb gear.

Comb Gear For Vertical Blinds Spinning Freely

Alright. Today I want to show you how to replace a comb gear. You can see how this one is just turning freely where as the other ones are stationary. So that is not right. What we need to do is pop the gear stem out of the carrier. So here goes. I am just going to hold it with my finger on the side here and than push it out. Now we want to examine the head of the gear to make sure there is no breaks in the gear itself which this one is OK.

What I have here is a new comb gear. First thing we want to make sure there is no pieces of the comb gear inside there. Which there is not. So now I am going to hold the comb gear up against the side of the stem as I insert it into the carrier and snap it into place. Now I may need to pop it over. It still appears to be moving too freely so maybe we have something else going on here. I am going to try at the wand. So it looks like somethings broken there.

Holding Vertical Blind Stem Plus Comb Gear Together To Install

Holding Vertical Blind Stem Plus Comb Gear Together To Install

This maybe a bit difficult here to figure out what is going on there. Let’s take a look. My comb gear didn’t go in the right spot. It fell out. I think I see it there on the ground. Get that going. So here goes attempt number two of putting the comb gear back in here. Hold this in place. Try again here. There we go. OK. And it is in there. Popped it over. And the second time did the trick. So now our blinds are all repaired there. You can see the comb gear in there and everything is doing what it should. Job complete.

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