Condensate Pump Clearing Plus Drain Unclogging Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to check test air conditioner condensate pump plus clear clogged condensate drain line HVAC repair maintenance video.

Condensate Pump Clearing Plus Drain Unclogging Video

Right here we can push this button and the pump should kick on and it did. So that’s good. But up here we have got a condensate clog and so this is the fun part of getting these deals clean. We need to clean out the float condensate pump and clean out all the drain lines and just make sure that the drain line which is right here the black hose is clear. Basically from that drain line with the wet dry vacuum because that’s what’s clogged there. And than we’ll reinsert the tube back into our condensate pump and we’ll be all back to normal. Pretty simple. OK Anyway get it all going. Lots of fun here.

Condensate pumps. You need to service these. Once in awhile. Clean out all the gunk and a good idea to drop a condensate tablet into the tank also. So keep everything going clear and going good. That’s the story on condensate pumps. I would whenever possible go with gravity working system instead of a condensate pump. Sometimes you run into a situation where you got to do what you got to do. OK so I got some condensate tablets and I got my wet dry vacuum. Just going to be plugging my wet dry vacuum in up here and than going to vacuum from that black line I was telling you about and that goes into the condensate drain. Right here. I showed you our test button where we were able to turn it on to prove that our pump was working when the float floats up high enough. So now I am going to pull the black hose out and we’re gonna vacuum that hose out. That’s our drain line and that’s what’s causing us our stoppage back here.

Now we’ve got a vent back here that isn’t very visible. We may need to cover that vent as we vacuum out the drain line. But really right here is where we should see the water go down. So that’s our main concern. Here comes some noise. I’m going to slip my wet dry vacuum deal over the pipe and than seal off the rest of it with my hand. So here goes. Sorry for the poor light considerations here. I’m just going to get it done. OK you can hear it coming from the vent but not really from our drain line. So now what I am going to do is make a rig. Basically to seal off that vent line. So I am just taking an old piece of a laminated paper that I have. Using that over the vent and back to the same thing of sealing it off with my hand and vacuuming it out with the vacuum. Nice. Now you can hear it draining from the drain. That’s exactly what we want there. You heard it clear from the drain line. We’re good to go.

It’s just a lot of clean up here now but that’s the story on the condensate pump and the drain line and determining where your clog is actually coming from. This one’s in the pan so I am going to clear all that out. Detail it out. Detail clean inside there and get this puppy all cleaned out. Yeah. And this has a vent cover that goes over the test button so I will be putting all that back together just to make everything work safer and putting the drain back into the tube line and also going to add a couple of these tablets to inside the float tank. Just keep the condensate pan nice and clear. Good to go. Put the tube back from the deal. Back into the fill line for the condensate pump. Gravity is going to do the rest and the pump will kick in when it fills with water. Good to go.

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