Cover Free New Pool Product To Lower Heating And Water Treatment Expenses

Kung Fu Maintenance talks about a relatively new invention in design and ingenuity for swimming pools called cover free that creates a small molecular barrier on the water surface to help minimize heat loss and water evaporation.

Cover Free is a new product on the market, a patented formula that makes a thin shield on the surface of the water that cuts your heat and treatment costs by minimizing water evaporation. It is simple to add to a pool or spa by pouring it into the water or the skimmer. Manufacturer recommendations are to add 4 fluid oz per week for every 675 square feet of water surface area.

Cover Free makes a tiny imperceptible shield that may be more effective than physical covers minus most of the trouble. Traditional covers carry some technical problems. One they have to be rated to support substantial weight. Two they have to be taken off  to use the pool or spa. Three they don’t have the energy benefits when taken off. Four they pose an entrapment hazard for people and pets.

Cover Free makes an invisible force field on the water’s surface. It splits out of the way when someone enters the pool and springs back to keep up the force field. Without a cover about ninety five percent of heat energy goes to waste. About fifty percent of heat loss occurs through evaporation at the surface of the pool. All of that water loss must be refilled and water reconditioned so good savings should be shown in water, heat, and treatment required to keep water balanced, heated, clean, and sanitized.



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