Cultured Marble Counter Top Burns Stains Removal Video


Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to remove stains or burn marks from cultured marble coutertops counter top. Test in an inconspicuous area. As always, use information at your own risk.

Cultured Marble Counter Top Burns Stains

I’ve got some stains in this cultured marble counter top. They’re not super bad. But they are there. You can see here. Maybe a cigarette burn. The nice thing about cultured marble is it is all the same material all they way through. So you can actually sand this out. What I have here is some aluminum oxide sandpaper. A lot of times this is used for prepping copper and it is a wet or dry sandpaper. This one is wet a little bit but you can see it took the stain right out.

See here is a another one. I’ll show you this won’t clean off. It doesn’t matter what kind of cleaner you use. It’s like a cigarette burn. Someone put a cigarette on the end and left it there. Maybe something like that. Anyway. A little of this wet or dry sandpaper and it is good as new. It really doesn’t take too much. Tiny bit of elbow grease and if you want to you can follow this up with a cultured marble polish so that it seals it and it is a little less likely to re stain. But it is pretty resilient stuff anyway. It most likely wouldn’t re stain.

Anyway here’s another little darker spot. Anyway. There we go. Good as new. Nice cultured marble countertop and this also works down in the basin if you needed. If you had some discoloration and what not there. Anyway. Good to go.

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