Depressed Light Bulb Socket Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to fix an often occurring problem, lights not working, due to a depressed light bulb socket.

Depressed Light Bulb Socket

OK. I got a light not working here. I Wanted to show you an often occurring problem. Sometimes what happens is the tab inside there gets depressed down so far that it is not making contact with the bottom of the bulb. What you can do is make sure you turn off the power and than you want to pull that little tab forward. It’s a little bit safer if you are using an insulated handle screwdriver but once your power is out your power is out. Don’t do it live. By pulling the tab forward. Pulled it out a little bit.

Let’s see if we get a better contact with the bulb. Here goes screwing the bulb in and there we go. That is an often occurring problem. As those get squeezed down over years of use of putting a bulb in taking a bulb out putting new bulbs in and taking old bulbs out. So anyway good to go there. Nice easy fix.

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