Diverter Valve Leaking Tub Shower Repair Rotating Stop Type

I’m going to show you how to replace a leaking diverter valve.


It’s leaking right from the handle. Tighten that up. Replace this with this new one. What you do is lift this up underneath the index button. A little arrow for down. You turn it to tub, up for the shower.

Remove the screw that holds it in. Sometimes you have to wiggle it around. This one’s been leaking for a while, so great time to clean all that out there. And this just spins off. And then we can remove the extension.

And then we want to pull the whole thing out if possible, pull out the diverter. Sometimes you have to get in there with a Channellock. Don’t want to strip this end either. It looks like it could be Channellock.

Or Vice-Grips. Here is an old pair of Vice-Grips. Just clip these one the end and pull that out. There we go. And we want to reuse the washer that’s on here.

Here’s our new diverter. It’s got this stop here. We want to make sure that the stop is on the right side when we insert this. And you want to wear gloves and add plumber’s grease to the O-rings on the valve. Here’s the plumber’s grease here. And just apply the grease to the O-rings.

Put it all the way around. And then again, inserting this on the right side. Get rid of my glove now.

OK push it into place. And then you’re going to insert your washer here. Make sure to use that and the extension. And this just gets tightened into place. Just a hair tighter. You don’t want it too tight, but just tight enough so that it’s not gonna come undone there.

There we go. Just snug. Spin our wheel back on. This is the good time to clean these up. And clean up our handle a little bit too. Inside there. It’s been leaking for a while.

If you want to clean these up real good you can soak them in some CLR or other cleaning chemical. They clean up real nice. Or you can buy new ones for a few bucks.

So push it on. Screw the screw in. Don’t screw it too tight. It’s plastic, it’ll crack.

So once you’ve got it on the down setting, set your arrow so it’s facing down to the tub spout. And then for the shower. Rotate it over. And there’s the shower. And that’s how to replace the diverter valve.

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