Don’t Get Electrocuted When Replacing A/C Capacitors Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to replace air conditioner capacitors without getting electrocuted.

So to replace a capacitor we pull our disconnect switch. We discharge our capacitor. We prove power is off with our circuit testing device. Circuit alert device. Now we are going to go ahead and replace our capacitor. I’ve got the same microfarad capacitor. This is a 35 microfarad capacitor.

I like to use my flat head screwdriver to leverage off the leads. On my particular units yellow only goes to one side and blue and red wires go to the other side. Mostly just mimicking what is already there. Again we have got blue and red on one side. Yellow on the other side.

Tighten our strap down. Plug in the disconnect back here. Augh yeah. Fired right up. Back in business.

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