Easiest Way To Take Off Air Conditioner Wire Leads

I’ve been seeing even professional people struggling pulling wire terminals off capacitor terminals but I’m going to show you an easier way!!! Welcome back to Kung Fu Maintenance where I show you how to make the most common repairs you will need to make in your lifetime!!  If you’d like to get the latest videos, subscribe, and then hit the little bell icon right of the Subscribe button and it will notify you of any new videos when they’re released for you! Welcome back to Kung Fu Maintenance world I wanted to show you the easiest way to remove capacitor leads is to take your flat blade screwdriver after you first pull the disconnect to or turn off the breaker and then discharge the capacitor bridging the herm and the common and then the common and the fan and then the easiest ways to disconnect all these is a slip your screwdriver underneath the leads and slip them off.
I see a lot of people struggling with using a pair of pliers and then pull them off this is definitely much much easier see this one and there’s so many different places you can get under there to disconnect leads in this does the least damage to the terminals doesn’t loosen them up and you can use this to release the leads from the contactor as well then so with this method you just want to take a little concern here with the way you exercise The Leverage when slip and leads underneath you just don’t want to bend the prongs the original connections and so that’s involves taking care where you put the leverage you know the fulcrum placing the screwdriver and exerting the pressure so that it doesn’t then the con capacitor leads or contact who leads so that they get pushed or bent together also a little bit of a Twist in some circumstances and certain areas can work out well given the screwdriver a little twist of the leverage on the screwdriver pushes up to terminal off works good and certain tight situations number of different ways but that’s going to make it easier and I think this is preferred to using a pair of pliers to pull the leads off because there’s less chance of you pulling it off and then it gives anyone a cut in your hand or something Leverage you’re exerting force and pressure and it gives you a bit more control and I think less likely to both to do damage both to yourself as well as to equipment this is my opinion but I thought I’d share it with you definitely had some crazy stuff happened the past few days and I’ve been trying to share some of that with you and some upcoming videos including what I showed you yesterday and my 5 plus best tips for unclogging condensate drains are clogged condensate drains in that video I shared my 5 plus best tips when dealing with condensate drain clogs for air conditioners heading those things off and showing some preventive maintenance hope you like this video These are steps you can take to head things off preventive maintenance always puts the maintenance on your schedule and by clearing the Lions and getting ahead of things getting ahead of a cooling season it can help prevent a lot of these things from happening they can’t prevent everything but you can have a lot of the majority of it and that’s going to save you a lot of time and effort lot of energy later on that way you’re not getting called off of everything if you can do it ahead of time for them to maintenance puts things on your schedule and that’s what country maintenance is all about making life easier for you and sparing you from as much trouble as possible hope you like the video