Escutcheon Tightening Loose Tub Shower Handles Trim Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to tighten or replace loose tub and shower handle sleeve escutcheon trim plates. Shows two different methods one setting the sleeve in separately and the other with the sleeve and escutcheon together. Also shows the removal and replacement of hot and cold index buttons.


Escutcheon Tightening Loose Tub Shower Handles Trim


Now I will be showing you how to reset a handle escutcheon. What you have got is the sleeve and this gets inserted inside. Tighten nice and snug. Next the escutcheon gets threaded on. Now if your deal was out from the wall it may be that the sleeve needs to be tightened up. So anyway tighten that up and now you are ready for your handle. Insert the set screw. The right side is cold generally and the left side your hot. If you ever need to remove it you can just take a flat blade knife and pick it under the index button and remove. Now is going to be replacing the sleeve and the escutcheon. With this type of handle we can just turn the sleeve like so. We don’t really have to take the entire escutcheon off, the entire sleeve off. Now we can tighten it down grabbing it here and giving it a little twist till it is tight. Than tighten the escutcheon against the tub wall until it is nice and snug. Now we are ready to put the handle back on. There’s the handle. Tighten this up with a philips. Than insert your index button. Hot is usually on the left and cold on the right. And we are all set there.

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