Exhaust Fan Cleaning Bathroom Fans Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to clean out a bathroom exhaust fan.

Cleaning Out Bathroom Exhaust Fans

So here’s how to get bath vents clean. You want to use a hose attachment with a brush attachment and than take a dry paint brush. These can build up a lot of dust up there. You probably don’t want to stand directly below to it. Stand by the side. Turn your vacuum on and than use your brush to brush it free and vacuum up all the dust.


That’s a little bit better. You can detail clean the rest of it. Course when you do this you want to make sure your power is turned off and than you can vacuum up whatever fell on the ground. Once that is done you can reset your cover. Clean out your cover and these don’t seem to fit in so good straight ahead like so. I’m finding that I am winding up having to put them in sideways and push it in and pull it over. To remove it just push it over. All I did was push the side over like so. Pop it down. Definitely want to turn the power off.


Already brushed out most of it. The rest of it I will clean with a rag. Clean up. At least we got most of it out of there dry. The rest of the details is just clean it up. Detailing it out. If you do this about once a month it won’t be so bad. This one hasn’t been done in a few years probably so you know. OK. There we go. Nice and new. We’ll reinsert our light bulb. Little energy saving fluorescent bulb there. Compact fluorescent. And I will clean my cover out. Than resetting the cover. Again these don’t hold so well so I like to go sideways. I will try to get you a better view of it. Pop it in like so. Now it holds nice and strong. And there is our cover all cleaned out.

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