Fan Running But AC Compressor Not Starting Video


Well got an AC not cooling. The fan’s running, but it seems like the compressor’s not running. My guess is we’ve got a burned wire here. Darn. The screwdriver’s stuck a bit there. I can probably just pull this one out by hand or by pliers here. Now, we’ve definitely got some burned wiring going to the compressor but it’s possible that the compressor just overheated.

Let’s take a look here. Oh yeah. See, we’re missing a wire right there on the left side. It looks like it just separated so I’m going to pull up the disconnect back here and then we’ll need to discharge the capacitor. The capacitor holds the charge in it even after the power is disconnected so we’ve got to bridge the leads here. And it’s not a bad idea to do the little fan cap also. So now, we’re safe to work on the system.

And right here, you can see our burned wire right here. It’s separated from there. What I can do is just set it in the post here, very similar to the bottom wire there. And I’ll just put it down on the right side of this particular screw. And that way, as the screw tightens it’ll draw it in. I prefer to use my wire strippers. I don’t have them with me though, so I’m just going to get [inaudible 00:02:30]. It’s blazing hot. The poor guy’s got no AC right now.

It’s better to use wire strippers because you don’t want to lose any threads, wiring strands of a wire. Flip this off. Start fresh here. I’ll just be real careful not to lose any strands. OK, see I didn’t even really cut all the way through I just kind of cut the outside. Twist this part off. Almost there, I didn’t lose any strands so that’s good. Pull the little part off here. There we go. OK. Nice and good. We’re going to go ahead and twist this to make it stronger. OK.

Then start this down that side right there. That’s going to be perfect. Tighten down our screw. And now, we’ve got a good connection there. It’s very similar to the bottom connection where power comes in. So now, I can plug our disconnect back in. The compressor should fire right up. I’m just going to verify that nothing else, no other funkiness going on. Everything else looks good. Let’s set our cap back in there. We’re ready to go, get some AC going.

Now, I’ll plug the disconnect back in. Give you a look at the condenser] there. There we go. Fires right up. I’m going to stay with it for a little while, make sure it gets nice and cold. It’s already flashing nice and cold. That’s a good sign. Oh yeah, beautiful. Restored power to the air conditioner, get it going. Only getting hot; a hot day out here, it’s already about 100 degrees and it’s only about 9:30 in the morning. All right, this will cool things down. Ah, it’s flashing nice and chilly. Good to go.

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