Faux Vertical Blind Fan Deck Styles Types Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows new faux vertical blinds many different choice styles options video.

Faux Vertical Blinds

Alright. Check out all these options for vertical blinds. I didn’t even know they came in all these different styles but this is a fan deck of different options for vertical blinds that you can get. All these kinds of faux wood.

Sort of I wonder how these will hold up for cleaning wise. If they will attract a lot of dirt but still pretty neat in just all these different options for vertical blinds. Pretty cool huh.

Anyway, I need to find out how expensive these are. Curious. I can get a typical like a 104 inch vertical blinds for about fifty bucks. Fifty to Fifty five bucks somewhere in there. It just depends where you get ’em. Fifty to eighty bucks might be the spread there. For that size. Seventy eight inch wide vertical blinds probably about forty bucks. Forty to sixty dollars again just depending where you get them from.

You can get them on my website. Not sure if I have all these colors available though. It’s not really me. I just make a small commission on stuff you might order through there. But look at these. These are like a faux wood. Pretty nice. Options. Stuff to pick from. Pretty neat to. Little bit different for the windows.

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