Favorite Feature Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows one of his favorite features of Dyson vacuum cleaners how easy to check for suction line clogs video.

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Favorite Feature Of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

One of my favorite features on Dyson vacuum cleaners is definitely this suction check right here. If you are getting very little suction power and you think. Well you have emptied your canister and you notice you are getting very little suction power you can very easily check for a clog just by squeezing these two buttons and lifting this out here. You can check for a clog here. Check for a clog down below. And check for a clog into the suction tube itself and than reset your deal. Very nice. Very easy feature. You don’t have to take the whole thing apart. It just adds to the value that’s there in the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Pretty cool. I don’t work for Dyson or anything. I just think it is a pretty neat design. You know the cyclone suction power that is a very good vacuum cleaner. It is also very easy to check the bottom where the suction starts. You’ll want to unplug it at this point. Make this a little bit safer. It’s got these plastic nuts here that hold the belt cover on. Really simple to undo here. So those three and now we can pull it off. OK and our belt is actually right here in the middle.

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