Find Hidden Sink Drain Plumbing Water Leaks DIY Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to use pressure tests to find even the smallest hidden plumbing drain line leaks.

How To DIY Sink Drain Pressure Test To Find Leaks

OK. So today I wanted to show you how to do the pressure test. This is a way to find and make any leaks that are in the sink drain plumbing show up pretty quickly.

Plumbing Leak Find Pressure Test

Plumbing Leak Pressure Test

Had a repair done here where the coupling snapped and put a clamp on here to make it hold it all together but want to prove that that’s actually going to hold it. Make sure. So what we are going to do is force the water through very quickly. Went ahead and put the plug drain in. Fill up the water in the sink. Turn on the disposer and than pull the plug and than we will watch down below for any leaks. This will make any, even the smallest leak show up. And we’re good there. No leaks.

Good to go. Anyway I just plugged the drain. Let it fill up. Turn the disposer on. Pull the plug and let it force the water through. We are good to go there. No leaks.

You can get all the parts supplies and more shown in the videos through me KungFuMaintenance website where I make a small commission on any items ordered through there.

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