Fire Sprinkler Head Clean Plus Inspect Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows fire sprinkler cleaning inspection concerns maintenance video.

OK. If you have to clean off one of these fire sprinklers you want to be super super careful. This is a heat melted filament that when enough heat gets to that filament the filament melts. Let me tell you what. These things put out a lot of water. You never really want to experience that. Anyway.

Fire Sprinkler Cleaning

Don’t do this at all. You know if you did have to do this. Do it at your own risk and I do mean risk. Anyway. What I am going to use is a dry paint brush that has very soft bristles. In fact this is a brand new one and I am just going to very lightly clean it all off. You want to be real careful when painting around these. If these get paint on them. You wikll have to replace them. The paint can cause it to take more temperature build up in order to melt the filament. These are rated for, they need to work because they do save lives. Anyway. There it is cleaning off the filament. It’s all done. Don’t try this at home or at work. Again, at your own risk there.

Fire Sprinkler Inspecting

Unfortunately here is a sprinkler with paint on it and this one will need to be replaced because the paint that is on there. Basically you will have a five year inspection done on these and if there is paint found on them they will need to be replaced. That one would be one that would get called and need to be changed. Again same with this one. So if you have painters that are painting for you. You want to make sure that they are covering these. Even if you have to supply the caps for them to make sure that they are not getting paint on these. On these fire sprinklers. It’s very very important. Especially if they are using spray equipment.

This one is OK but again this one here has got paint on it and will need to be replaced. They are pretty spendy. This one is borderline. It has got a little paint on it. Probably it will need to be replaced. This one definitely has paint on it. It will need to be replaced. I’m guessing two hundred and fifty bucks a head. Maybe? Maybe more to have those replaced. No fun. There’s another one. That one it looks like there is just some cobwebs on it. But again want to make sure your using some kind of covers. Even if it just little cups that you tape on there.

Have Painters Use Fire Sprinkler Covers

Yep. Definitely is something to watch out for if you’re having painters paint. Make sure they are covering these. Your employer is not going to be happy with you if they get the bill for replacing a whole bunch of these. You know if it’s two or three of them or something it’s not going to be too big a deal. Especially if it is something you inherited but if it’s everything you are looking after. I got to tell you they are going to be upset.

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