Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Home

Switch to a liquid soap.

Switching to a liquid soap will make cleaning your tub and shower phenomenally easier. This is especially true if you have a fiberglass tub or shower enclosure.

Cook good smelling food.

This works great for grocery stores.  I have seen them fry up pieces of bacon than use a fan to spread the good smells and watch people shop till they drop. A cinnamon coffee cake works great to have the whole house smelling delicious. You may have heard the saying good smelling food makes the best incense.

Switch out discolored switch plate screws and set all screws vertical.

Though subtle this change makes a huge difference in subconscious impressions and mood settings.

Touch up paint.

Home improvement stores can match paint pretty good these days if you bring them a small paint chip. If you paint whole walls make sure to save some paint for inevitably needed touch ups. Always take measures to protect valuables with drop cloths or other means.

Adjust cabinets for best look.

Cabinetry Facelifts

Chapter 19 Art from the Book Kung Fu Maintenance

Most cabinets have mounting screws, a set screw, and a pivot screw. The mounting screws if loosened allow you to move the door up or down a little bit and then secure the screws in place. The set screws allow positioning of the door closer or further from the cabinet. The pivot screws allow pivoting of the door for proper alignment.



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