Flush Outlets Straight With Wall Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows remodeling details royal flush getting outlet covers seated nice straight flush with wall renovation video.

Flush Outlets Straight With Wall

Working out all the details today. Got an outlet plate that is sitting out kind of far here. Don’t like that. Like it to sit in there further. So let’s pull it apart take a look. See if it’s something we can just tighten up. Maybe tighten the outlet down further here. As well as we got this little nub here. Push that on up. Alright. Let’s see how we seat now. That’s pretty good. That will work. Much better. Tighter. For a flashlight video. At least we’re not sitting way off the wall now. And could always caulk these on if I need to but that would make repairs in the future a little bit tougher. We’re all set there. Good to go. OK. That’s a little bit better. A little bit flusher there.

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