Freezer Too Warm For Ice Cream

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I’ve got a refrigerator that’s not freezing ice cream sometimes it can be just a dirty coil. It doesn’t take but a few 10 degrees difference sometimes if you have just a low temperature it can be from a dirty coil so it’s kind of one of the first things to try also want to make sure that there’s no ice blockage in the condensate drain because that can also cause it not to be getting cold in the refrigerator. But a lot of times if it’s a dirty coil it can make like a seven to 10 degree difference and that’s enough for it to stop freezing ice cream so that’s the first check. Some refrigerator coils are located at the back of the refrigerator and some are below the machine like this one. Oh yeah that’ll do it.

The normal temperature in the refrigerator freezer is negative four degrees to four degrees plus or minus four degrees as shown in the infograph on the screen. As most of you know water freezes at 32 degrees but ice cream is kind of the exception it needs a colder temperature to freeze and freezes at more like 17 degrees and that’s why the freezer temperature and the fridge temperature is engineered to be at specific temperatures.

For the different items to freeze and or cool down at particular speeds to be most effective. Different refrigerators have different compartments that are engineered for storage of particular items at ideal temperatures. My poor vacuum! So be on the lookout for more Kung Fu Maintenance coming soon!