Fuse Loose Hot AC Bad Temper Not Cool Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows temper temper hot air conditioner with loose fuse not cooling off repair video.

Fuse Loose Hot AC Bad Temper Not Cool Video

OK. Got an AC down right here. Looks like we got a capacitor that needs to be secured. Looks like an old capacitor. It looks kind of bulged there that capacitor. Alright. Lots of fun. I’m going to try replacing the fuses first. Check that and than if it needs a new capacitor I will replace that. Maybe it just blew the fuses.

So here goes. Following the conduit back. Make sure we are pulling the right unit. Which is this one right here. Augh just a loose fuse. So we will secure that up. Make that better. Good. That’s even easier. Make sure all our contacts are tight inside there. All our wiring looks OK Inside there. Don’t see any scorching or anything going on. Looks like we were just getting a poor contact on this fuse right here. So I can squeeze these down a little bit. Make sure theses are nice and tight. OK. Nice and tight now. Let’s check it out.

There it is. That’s what that was. Set our plate back in there. The cover will make things a bit safer here. That one’s a little tired but at least that will keep the rain out of there. Alright. Buzzing pretty good. Probably going to need to come back and secure that capacitor. Oh the line is getting nice and chilly that’s good. So we’re missing a cap here on the filter drier. Looks like a gnarly kink there. Union. But it is getting nice and chilly. So at least there is that. Alright. It’s good to go for now. Come back and tidy this up. Make it better. Good to go.

OK checking the unit inside now at the air handler. Oh yeah. The bottom line getting nice and chilly. We’re all set there. Removing heat from the unit. Air Conditioner good to go.

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