Halogen Fluorescent Incandescent Light Comparison Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows remodeling details three halogen vs fluorescent vs incandescent light bulbs renovation comparison video.

Halogen Fluorescent Incandescent Light Bulb Comparison


Alright. These are halogen bulbs which is kind of a new alternative to incandescent light bulbs. A little bit less energy use. These are forty three watt bulbs. As incandescent bulbs are going away this is one option for a solution. Other options are fluorescents but these ones are halogen. Fluorescents use even less energy. These weren’t to expensive. About two fifty for two of them so five bucks for all four of these. They do give off quite a bit of light. Kind of nice alternative. That’s what is coming down the road as we move away from incandescent bulbs. They can actually make bulbs but they can’t be sixty watt or forty watt. They have to be lower wattage.

We got a few different alternatives for light bulbs. We’ve got regular incandescent bulbs. We’ve got halogen bulbs and fluorescent bulbs. Three of these are fluorescent and the one I just changed is incandescent. Going to be changing it instead of the squiggly ones here. Just using regular incandescents. Couple different options there on lights. I actually like the fluorescent ones better. I like the halogen ones. The light temperature was a little bit brighter. Good to go.

Here is some of the specs on the specific bulbs that I used. This gives you an idea of what the watttage usage is. The lumens the light output the cost per bulb as well as the amount of hours they last. I actually used one of the best incandescent bulbs which is Decade bulbs. They are rated to last 100000 hours. Actual experience may be different than that but anyway. This just kind of gives you an idea of a little bit of a comparison here.

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