Stripped Handle Cabinet Drawer Door Pull Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates one method of repairing cabinet door handles and or drawer pulls that are stripped and will not tighten up.

Stripped Cabinet Drawer Door Handle Pull Repair

If you got a handle that won’t tighten up you can see as I try to spin this. No matter how much I spin this I can stay there for a long long time. I keep spinning it. OK. It’s stripped. Still won’t tighten up.

What you can do is use like a toothpick. What I have here is these like little plastic spears here. So I am going to put one of these down in the hole. You’re gonna pull it off to the side. Put it down in the hole and than just break it off. Than insert it back in and now we are going to insert our screw in and that will give the screw something to bite on here.

So you’re going to hold the handle in while we tighten the screw down and get it started and get it to start to catch up against the piece of plastic. Alright now we are nice and tight. Now you can see as I try to move it around it’s not going anywhere.

So that’s one way. Maybe it’s time for a new handle here but just showing you the general idea of what you can do to repair stripped cabinet handles.

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