Hard Start Kit Purposes In HVAC Systems Video


Kung Fu Maintenance shows Hard Start kits 101 video. What they do and how they are installed.

Hard Start Kit

OK. This deal right here is called a hard start kit and what it does is when an air conditioner first starts it draws a lot of power. This little hard start gives it an extra boost to get the compressor going. It’s kind of funny. I have seen brand new units installed out here with no hard start kit and the compressors when they turn on even brand new sometimes will have a hard time to start.

Hard Start Kit Installing

Installing one of these hard start kits which usually goes on both sides the herm and the common for your the hermetic and the common for your capacitor. One lead to each side. Will make those units run properly. Like I said I have had brand new units that needed it. You can put up to two of these on a unit if you needed it. I have had some where it was running fine for a long time and all of a sudden the compressor wouldn’t start. Added a second hard start kit and it was good to go. Then the compressor was able to start.

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