How To Change Out Vertical Blinds Headrails Slats Valances Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to change vertical blinds changing headrails taking down slats installing valance flashlight vid series changing colors from almond to white.

OK. Today I’ve got a Flashlight video for you.


But first we need a flashlight. What I’m going to be doing is replacing some vertical blinds today and change them from almond to white.

So the easy way to do these is kind of stack these up near enough to each other but spread out enough that you can get into them. What you want to do is lift up on the back side here in order to move them down. And you can try to use another slat to do it.

But really, the easiest way I find is just lift up on the back of that. And I’m just going to drop these down on the floor. And stack them up.

Vertical Blind Headrail Change

Now we’re going to take down the headrail. What we’ve got is behind is these little clips that hold it into place like so. We turn it and push it. Or you can use a screwdriver. Just get up in there right here, and turn it out. There we go. And the final one. This one just turns right out.

Got my new set right here. When purchasing your new ones, you may want to go with standard size. Mine are actually a special size, special-cut size. Not too big of a deal. This is a finished main size liner– 78 by 81. And the standard size is 78 by 84. So when possible, it may be easier to go standard size.

And watch out for this Styrofoam stuff. It’ll definitely make a mess for you if you let it. So just kind of be aware of that.

It looks like on this end, we’ll have brackets. Don’t want to be using the old brackets. This model of bracket’s a little bit different. And again, I’ll be using my old one. This one has a press tab on the back, because my old ones are very different. I’ll show you here. You can see here.

With these, I may need to squeeze them a little bit forward just to make sure it’s tight enough on all three of them to really grab the blinds themselves. So that’ll grab right up underneath the knob. You’ll want to watch which way your blinds stack up, making sure that it’s stacking up on the stationary portion of the door. This one is set up for that.

What you’ll do is tilt your blinds this way, and put the headrail so that this portion of it notches right into the deal and rotates into place. I’m going to slide mine all the way up against the wall on the left side, putting your weight on this side. And press it up into place. And here’s my wand. I’ll slide this over and just put my wand in at the right angle there. OK.

And now I want to rotate in the rest of our deals here. Same thing. Be careful here. This is all very, very sharp edges. It’s unfinished metal. It’ll catch you like nobody’s business. Well, a doctor’s business maybe. But there we go. Anyway, you don’t want to go there. OK.

Now we’re ready to change out the blinds. The easy way to do this is to stack all of your blinds up like so against the back. And what you want is you want the curved end on the back side.

Sometimes the blinds will come, and they’ll be coming inside a bag. And if that’s so, you can slip the bag down and make it nice and easy. Probably could grab them all together like this. So I’ve got them on the floor, and they’re kind of lending support to each other as I’m holding them together. And then one at a time, you can slip them up in it.

Installing Vertical Blind Valances

OK. Now that they’re in, we can get our valance in, our valance on. The valance just has these anchors. And for this smaller size, it’s just three anchors. For bigger sizes, you may need four. And it just allows you to rotate these clips in. The way to do this is just rotate the clips in. And these just rotate like so. And you want all three of yours kind of the same way. And you don’t want them to land right on top of the brackets. OK.

And now we’re ready to put our valance up. OK. And with the valance clips, all you do is start from the back. And press the back down over the groove, the same groove that we used earlier– the lip, I should say. And then we’ll clip the front proportion on. And now our valance is in place. And now our blinds are all set. And now we’ll check for good rotation.

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Vertical Blinds

Getting Vertical ~ Repairing Vertical Blinds

And I’m going to get my old blinds and all out of the way. And we’ll set up our new ones here.

Battery ran out of juice on the flashlight. Anyway, here’s our blinds. We’ve got full deal there and full rotation. We’re good to go. All our blinds stack up on the back. Nice new blinds. Gone from almond to white on what was a Flashlight video.

Anyway, good to go. OK. I was able to get my other light here, so at least you’ll be able to see it. Here we go. And now I can show you checking the blinds. Not exactly a Flashlight, but it’ll do the job. And there’s our nice full rotation. Nice new blinds. Good to go.

So my flashlight died while I was making the video, and it kind of seemed like it was the bulb that burnt out. Check this out. I didn’t even know this feature was here. But back behind here, look. I’ve got a spare bulb right there. Look at that. Hooray. So the other bulb’s dead, so no point in holding on to that.

Check it out. Ah, yeah! I thought that was pretty cool. Definitely nice to have. Anyway, flashlight vids are back in business.

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