How To Fix Vertical Blind Wand Control Video

Kung Fu Maintenance video shows how to fix broken vertical blind wand controls.

Today I am going to show you how to repair these master wand controls. These are designed, they have a couple three gears inside. And what happens is if the center control is not able to turn and someone continues to try to turn this, this deal will pop out and the gear portion inside will pop out. What you can do is reset that.

So let me show you here. Just set your screwdriver in and rotate it and you can see the gear piece here. Now right now when you turn the wand control it is turning the center portion but what happens with these is if it is forced this little gear pops up and out like so. Sometimes it will pop this portion out so what you can do is remove your end bracket and slide this forward so that you can see it and pop this assembly up like so giving you access to the gear here. Often times you can just push this down.

If it’s broken you can change out this little gear here as long as this particular one is the one that is broken. So you can pull this out and inspect the teeth on the gear to make sure there is no breaks. Also you can peek down inside there and make sure none of your gear teeth are broken. If they’re not what you can do is just reinsert this and push it down till it clicks into place. Close your lid and now you’re all set. ‘ll work good.

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