How To Get Vertical Blinds To Stop Dragging On The Floor Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how you can stop a set of vertical blinds from dragging on the floor.

00:08 OK Here’s a fast one.
00:10 You have a set of vertical blinds that are hanging up on the floor.
00:13 You can cut them down but than they might not be equal
00:17 one option for a quik fix
00:19 is to push up
00:24 so long as your
00:26 mounting brackets are in the wood studs.
00:30 What you could do is press up on
00:32 the blinds and
00:35 bend the arms up just a bit
00:38 to get the
00:41 blinds off the floor.
00:53 Than if needed to you can install a wedge below
00:58 to lift the bracket so the
01:02 slats clear.
01:06 now i’m going to cut the wedge smaller to make it less visible
01:09 so it’s more below the bracket and a bit more
01:12 anchored there.
01:15 And we will be all set. So I justtrimmed a smaller piece off the wedge.
01:20 And secured it in place
01:22 so it’s anchored there
01:24 and that’s sufficient to raise the vertical blinds up off the floor. Stop the blinds from dragging. (o:

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