How To Open A Hard To Take Off Jar Top Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to take off a hard to open jar top video.

So if you got something that is really hard take off here. This one is really tough, augh I just did it, darn it, lol, messed that up, that is one for the blooper reel. But what I was going to show you is you can take like a butter knife and just tap it like this angling kind of on the right side the way that you would open it. Don’t do it too hard or you will break the glass. Anyway that will make it easy enough to open it up. It was really tough to take off. I was going to show you how to open a stubborn jar anyway I still showed you how to open a stubborn jar but I showed you two ways that time. Anyway that is how you can open up a stubborn jar of, this is peppers, banana peppers. Alright, good to go.

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