Easy Way To Understand And Get Better At English Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how people can use KungFuMaintenance videos and The KFM Blog to help learn and improve English while learning maintenance skills through the translations and closed captioning available on many videos. How to learn and improve your english while having fun watching youtube videos.

00:10 Welcome to the Kung Fu Maintenance control panel!
00:12 On this day I will show you how
00:16 you could get better in your English Easily
00:20 reading, writing, understanding
00:21 improving
00:23 pronunciation, dialogue, all these aspects
00:25 what I have to show is how to use the closed captions application in
00:29 youtube
00:30 I have not captioned all my videos
00:32 I have begun here to do this
00:35 and to translate
00:36 Let me make this video full size.
00:40 How it works is down at the bottom is it places these captions
00:44 provided you switch them on.
00:46 Allow me to demonstrate the way that is done. On the very bottom
00:50 click on this small “cc” button right here
00:54 and that enables the captions
00:56 and now you click on the captions button
00:59 and you can show your language so let’s say spanish, russian, portuguese
01:04 japanese, italian, german, french,
01:07 chinese, arabic
01:08 I want to add more languages as time goes on. If you do not see your
01:12 language here please comment on the video asking for
01:15 your language and
01:17 I will contemplate adding it if it is possible for me to arrange it. Also as time goes on I
01:21 could use help with translations so
01:24 if you would like to help
01:25 translate or proof translations you can also leave a
01:28 message here. I intend to do a lot of videos and
changing them over
01:32 sometimes the translations may not be that great
01:36 so lets
01:37 test this one “today I wanted to go over the five most common problems with washing machines”
01:41 converted to spanish
01:43 it says it in spanish. Now i’m not sure of the accuracy
01:47 you will have to let me know
01:50 I poquitho(Spanish for tiny) understand only a tiny
01:51 bit of Spanish
01:54 not enough to translate these words but i do try to learn, I like to learn
01:58 different languages it ss just something I have been studying
02:00 anyway
02:01 so here it is in Arabic and
02:05 here it is in Chinese
02:07 so if you wanted to improve your
02:09 English
02:10 this would be a way
02:12 you can show the subtitles in your language and
02:17 put on the video
02:18 and you will be able tolearn
02:20 two things, well a few things. You will be able to learn how to fix things plus
02:26 learn another language so hopefully that will help you
02:30 one more item here
02:33 Let me pause the video here
02:36 and go to my
02:38 blog site The KFM Blog
02:41 the way you can get here
02:42 is going to my channel
02:44 I just clicked on my channel here the
KungFuMaintenance channel and I have
02:48 a link here to The KFM Blog
02:52 now on the blog
02:53 I have got many blogs and have begun adding the translations
02:57 from the
02:57 the youtube videos under each
03:00 video blog so
03:02 for example this one is all translated
and it has the time segments so that you can
03:07 understand it easier but the
03:09 thing that is really nice about this
03:12 about my site here
03:14 is that at the lower part of the page
03:15 is a translator that allows you to translate
in into your language so
03:21 if you wanted to read it in another language
for example let us say you comprehend Hebrew
03:24 very well but you don’t understand English so good
03:27 than you can
03:28 click here
03:29 and convert it into Hebrew
03:31 than you can read the posts in Hebrew
03:33 and watch the video
03:34 right along with it so
03:37 as time goes on I am hope to be adding more and more to this
03:40 again you will most likely see some mistakes so
03:43 you have to look at it with a
03:46 grain of salt here but
03:47 as time progresses I am going to have to add this and edit and fix
03:51 varios problems there may be some funny stuff
03:54 I have already had some pretty humorous things
occur with the translation
03:58 hopefully nothing offensive in there with the translation please forgive me if
04:03 that happens, it is not me I do not translate this I do not comprehend
04:06 these languages I don’t know how to speak Finish or German
04:09 I attempt to learn
04:11 things a tiny bit but I am far off from actually comprehending those things
04:16 so I hope this project helps if you’re
04:18 out there wanting to learn english and acquire some maintenance skills
04:22 as you go. This is a convinient way to
04:25 a few things cosecutively so I hope
you like, favorite, and subscribe
04:29 and if you
04:31 want there is a donate button
here that helps me do what I do
04:35 Allow me to change this back
04:38 to English here let us see here it is
04:41 and now it is translating it back into
English so
04:44 also here is a link to my book
04:46 on the blog here
04:49 and here is the donate button where you can
04:51 purchase me a mug of java
04:52 which would be awesome
04:53 enables me do what I do and put
04:56 some more power into it
04:57 kick start me on future blogs
04:59 or on future videos
05:01 In conclusion I hope the videos further your efforts
05:03 hope you like this video hope it enables some of you out there. Thank You for watching!

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